DVJS provides a disability employment program funded by the Commonwealth government. Since 1993 we have placed 1000's of job seekers with all types of disability in various positions that include but not limited to; process work, office/ administration, data entry, machine operation, welding, furniture making, trade apprenticeships, retail/ sales, help desk, hospitality, gardening & many more!


The scope of skills that our job seekers possess is virtually limitless meaning that any job vacancy can be considered...we will be honest and let you know if we do not think we have a candidate that is suitable to meet your requirements at that point in time as our job seeker base is constantly changing as new job seekers register whilst others obtain employment. Our systems are tried and tested having assisted employers since 1993.


Many companies have employed multiple people from DVJS...some have even made it policy that all vacancies are lodged with DVJS before being advertised to the mainstream market. We are very confident thay you will feel the same once you have used DVJS.



            Benefits of Program...

When you use DVJS, we will provide you with the following services to ensure that the job seeker is the right 'fit' for your business & employment is sustainable;



Job Screening

Our job seekers are individually case managed & assessed giving us greater insight in selecting the most suitable person that we feel will meet, or have the potential to meet your specific requirements.

Work Trial

We can arrange an unpaid work-trial, giving you the opportunity to ensure that the job seeker has the potential to perform the job to your satisfaction (with no obligation to employ) & is fully insured & covered by the Commonwealth.

On Site Training

We will provide initial on-site support & training of the job seeker to ensure a smooth integration into your workplace & that your expected levels of productivity & quality control are reached. We will provide additional training whenever necessary to enable them to become multi-skilled in other areas of your business.


Wage Subsidies

You will receive a generous wage subsidy to assist you in the early training stages of your new worker.

Work Place Modifications

Not every person may need a modification to a work site but there is funding available so that any modification is fully paid by the Commonwealth. A modification may include a height adjustable work bench, pager system for deaf workers etc.

On Going Support

DVJS will provide ongoing support via regular monitoring of you & your employee at your workplace to ensure your continued satisfaction. This will be provided until you both no longer require our services...we do not 'Dump & Run' & should you ever need our support again, we are just a phone call away.


No Contracts or Fees

We provide a professional, responsive service to you at no charge. Our service is FREE.